All the Little Things

Before I can highlight the magnificence of the venue or the staff’s true art of service, I must speak on the ‘little things’, which were simply astonishing, and will captivate you as your dream wedding is unveiled right before your very eyes.  If your venue search resembles anything close to my lovely wife and mine, you are aware that ‘your’ perfect venue contains one thing from all of them, but of course you know that isn’t real life.  The one thing that could not compare to any of the nine venues we seen prior, was a little gem named Valencia Marierose.  At the Banquet Hall at Alvaton, you have a coordinator whose passion and purpose is to do absolutely any and everything to make your wedding as magical as you could ever dream.  You actually have the opportunity to cherish every little moment of being ‘in’ that very special moment.  Her spirit is so warm that after meeting with her for the first time, you felt invited to have your wedding at Avalton, and that she felt honored to host you and your guest.  Trust me, this feeling was one the greatest feelings, outside of the actual nuptials.  The planning was as simple as two conversations and series of Pinterest pictures!  Yeah, that’s what we said.  Valencia’s team of decorators and designers literally took our ideas from pictures and mimicked them verbatim.  The patience her team displayed with my beautiful bride and I, was comforting and not one time were we pressured and/or obligated to make a decision that we were not all in agreement with.  And the best part was that she asked that their creation, be a surprise to the bride… PLEASE allow this to happen!  On your special day, there is so much that you wish to dwell in and the moment you see your dream live and in color, is a truly a special treat.  I will not bore you with details on the food, besides tell you that it was delicious and every one of our guest spoke highly of the spread.  I will tell you that Valencia made sure that me, my groomsman, my wife, even my nieces were fed as we dressed.  And when I say made sure… she personally hand fed me and my wife hors d’oeuvres!  You can tell her staff followed her lead in every manor.  My grandmother and my father in law, who were both ill at the time, were catered to hand and foot.  My grandmother was never without someone offering her a chair and Roger was never without a fresh Diet CokeJ  The wait staff were groomed professionals and as we watched from the main table, we noticed that outside from occasional mingling amongst guest, the only people moving during dinner were the staff members, and this was a buffet style dinner.  Again… all the little things.  To have our wedding scheduled for March 1st in South Georgia was a feat in itself.  If you know anything about Georgia weather, it changes every day and twice a day on Sundays!  The Banquet Hall at Alvaton provided an abundance of photo opportunities that we were able to capture in remarkable imagery.  From the grand hallways in doors to the quaint bay windows, every picture made literal footprint memories in our hearts.  Truth be told, it took some time writing this review and not because the honeymoon was over and we were catapulted by to reality, but because we owed Valencia her incredible team the care and thoughtfulness of our words that she gave us in service and in love!

From the bottom of our hearts, Thank You!

James and Tiffany Bouie

Wedding: 01/03/2014
Services Used:  Special Package